Earl Grey Opera ~ 7.25

earl grey sponge | chocolate feuilletine | earl grey dulce de leche | caramel ganache | almond sponge | vanilla streusel

Chocolate Crunch Cake ~ 6.95

chocolate sponge | chocolate feuillitine | chocolate cremeux | white chocolate mousse

Espresso Cake ~ 6.95

espresso-soaked vanilla sponge | espresso cremeux | vanilla streusel | mascarpone mousse

Strawberry Shortcake ~ 7.25

vanilla sponge | strawberry jam| strawberry slices |

white chocolate cremeux | vanilla streusel | mascarpone mousse

Lemon Cheesecake ~ 6.95

lemon sponge | lemon curd | mascarpone cheesecake

Lavender Pear  ~ 7.25

pear compote | lavender caramel | vanilla panna cotta | almond financier

Mango Coconut Cake ~ 7.25

almond streusel base | almond sponge | kaya jam (caramelized coconut) | mango compote | mango mousse | mango jelly 

Cake Samplers ~ 13.00

five petit fours from our selected cakes.

Cake Orders

We ask for a 48 hour notice for cake orders from our menu. 

All custom cakes have the option of having a special message written on it, included in the price.


For our rectangular cakes (Chocolate  Crunch, Earl Grey Opera, Espresso, Strawberry Shortcake, Banoffee*, Matcha Chestnut*) we offer the following sizes:


5x5 (serves 4-6 people) at $25.00

7x7 (serves 12-15 people) at $50.00

9x9 (serves 20-25 people) at $82.00

10x14 (serves 30-40 people) at $142.00


For our circular shaped cakes (Lemon Cheesecake, Mango Coconut, Lavender Pear, Chocolate Cherry*, Raspberry Pistachio*) we offer the following sizes based on diameter:


6 inches (serves 4-6 people) at $42.00

8 inches (serves 8-10 people) at $56.00


*Some cakes subject to seasonal availability*

We request payment to be made when the order is placed, whether that be over the phone or in person.